Geeky Games 3: Cards Against Humanity

Seriously, without board games I wouldn’t be able to talk to members of the opposite sex

Game: Cards Against Humanity – UK edition (rrp £20.00)



Duration: as long as you want really – it’s the journey, not the destination

Number of Players: minimum 4

Age: box says 17+ but I wouldn’t recommend playing with ones parents unless they’re very open-minded.  If that’s the case, you’ll hear things that will scar your brain forever.  So yeah, peers only.

Premise: Not for the faint-hearted – I’m hardly a wall-flower but I’ve blushed a few times playing this.  Players start with a number of white cards.  The dealer (chosen by the most recent person to have defecated, I kid you not), picks a black card and reads it out loud.  It’s a blankety-blank style scenario, and the other players choose their card that best suits the scenario and hand the card face-down to the dealer.  The dealer shuffles them and re-reads the black card followed by each option.  The dealer chooses the “best” one and that player is awarded an Awesome point.  You can choose to end the game at a certain number of Awesome points or just when your sides hurt too much.

Re-play-ability: I love this game. Love it.  Even bought Younger Sister it for Christmas.  Just be sure to judge the mood of your crowd before you play, although you may be surprised – it’s always the quiet ones….




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