Geeky Games 2: Dixit

You call it an ice-breaker, I call it the only way I can enjoy an evening in the company of others… yes, it’s another board game review!

Game: Dixit (rrp £29.99)

[Source: Wikipedia Commons]

[Source: Wikipedia Commons]

Duration: 45 mins or so

Number of Players: 3-6 (better with larger numbers; can be adapted for more with use of additional counters + paper for the number choices)

Age: 8+

Premise: Dixit has a series of beautifully illustrated surreal cards.  The player in charge chooses one of their cards and describes it using a word or phrase (or an action, noise, or dance if you are so inclined).  All other players choose a card of theirs most likely to fit that description and hand them face down to the dealer, who shuffles and places each card on the table.  Players each choose the card they believe was the dealer’s card.  Scoring is based on whether nobody guesses the original card correctly (dealer gets 0, everyone else gets 2), 1 or more players guess the correct card (3 points for them and the dealer) with bonus point available if another player chose your bluff card.  The game gets more complex as the cards are used up.

I’m not too sure on the replayability of this game – I’d guess that recent plays would make it more difficult to think up a novel description.  This is an excellent game for families as it doesn’t require any literacy skills so I feel even younger children could play.  I thought that married couples would have an advantage – I reckoned they’d be on a similar wavelength so would easily guess the correct card when one of them was dealer but this didn’t bear out in the gameplay.



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