Geeky Games 1: Pandemic

A potentially frequent review bit

As a socially-awkward individual, I have come to love tabletop and board games as a medium by which I can talk to people I haven’t known for at least a decade without wanting to run home and drink tea with the cat.  If the only time you play board games is during a power cut or the annual family Christmas Monopoly resulting in not talking to the family for the following 8 months, I assure you there is a third way.


Game: Pandemic (rrp £29.99)



Duration: about an hour

Number of Players: 2-4 (but better with 4)

Age: says 10+, but I reckon more for grown ups.

The Premise: The unique part of this game is that it is collaborative rather than competitive; all the players work as a team trying to control a global pandemic.  The science behind this seems pretty well researched (NB my highest level of biology is 1st yr uni) and it’s really easy to get into the mindset.  Each player chooses to be a different specialist, each of which has certain moves available, which breaks down barriers for joint decision-making, if you’re a bit of a control freak.

Play-again-ability: Quite high – once the pandemic has beaten you (which I pretty much guarantee it will on first play), it’s so tempting to go in for a second game.



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